Down here in CB we are a tad more relaxed than those WB boys, so we are going to keep it simple and fun. 

No bands, fancy prizes, or cheerleaders, just good times and some good ole fashioned spearfishing action. Please remember that this is a not-for-profit have fun event. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Saturday - Sunday, June 10th – 11th  ***Open to Scuba and Free Divers***
Inlet Watch Marina - 801 Paoli Ct, Wilmington, NC 28409
Entry Fee:
$40 Cash
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  1. Tautog
  2. Sheepshead
  3. Flounder
  4. Grouper
  5. Hogfish
  6. Blue Water:
    • Wahoo
    • Mahi Mahi
    • Permit
    • Mackerel
    • African Pompano
    • Cobia

Schedule of Events:

Tournament Officers:

Administration & Weigh In:  Greg Woodby, Dewey Preast

Sponsorship & Prizes: Greg Woodby

Operations & Finance: Dewey Preast


$40 Cash at the Captain’s meeting

No late entries or walk-ins will be allowed. All competitors must bring their entry fee in cash to the Captain’s meeting with their registration & liability form signed. If you cannot attend you must send a friend or agent on your behalf with your forms signed. Entry fee is non-refundable.





Grouper: (Black / Gag / Red / Scamp / Yellow mouth)


Blue Water: Wahoo / Mahi Mahi / Permit / Tuna- Yellowfin / Blackfin / False Albacore/(Mackerel: King / Spanish / Cero / Bonito) Cobia /AfricanPompano

***It is the Participants Responsibility to ensure legal species and sizes, NC-DMF may be present***



Tournament Rules:

  1. You are not officially registered until the Entry Fee (cash only), Liability Release, and Entry Forms have been received at the Captain’s Meeting
  2. Official Start Time is 4:00 am Saturday morning. Leaving before this time will be grounds for disqualification.
  3. Only one fish per division can weighed per day.
  4. You can only knock out a previous score with a larger fish within that same division.
  5. You have to weigh your fish on the day it was taken, no hold-overs or over nights. All fish must be shot within daylight hours.
  6. Weigh in times are: Saturday 5-7 pm, and Sunday 1-2 pm. All fish weighed must come in at the tournament weigh station. If you are not on the dock or inside the Inlet Watch Breakwater you are not considered present. You or your agent may come via land but the rules still apply. If your agent is late then you are late, no call-ins. The official time will be kept on the weigh in computer.  No other devices will be used for official time keeping.
  7. We ask that ALL participants be present for the Awards Ceremony for prize awards. Prizes will not be mailed to participants you or your agent must be present to claim your prize.
  8. It is the participant’s responsibility to have a valid NC Fishing License at the time of the Tournament.  All NC and Federal size limits must be adhered to. If the individual intends to hunt Tuna all federal and state requirements must also be met.
  9. Do not give another competitor a fish to weigh. Gentlemen’s rules apply.
  10. No Blowout dates. Prizes, awards, and cash would be distributed in a way specified by the Tournament Officers at the Awards Ceremony.
  11. Commercial boats are allowed for charter, however all hunters must be working from the NCDMF recreational limits. During the tournament the charter boats cannot engage in fishing operations other than the activities of our competitors. In other words, they cannot operate under their commercial license during the tournament and you cannot hunt under their size and catch limits. 

Additional Information:

Rules of Conduct:

Once again, this will be a Gentlemen’s (and Ladies) Tournament and as such we expect our participants to act accordingly. By the way guys, there are some ladies here that can shoot, very well if we might say so. If at any time we find anyone’s conduct unacceptable we reserve the right to eject him or her from the tournament as well as future events. Entry fees will also be forfeit. Please respect our other participants, officers, and sponsors.

  1. Pre-size your fish on the boat and bring only your biggest fish to the scales. Please do not bring multiple fish of nearly the same size to the official scales.  Invest in your own hand scales or share one with others on your boat. In other not hold up the weigh in because you do not know which is your biggest fish.
  2. Do not use the dock to spread out your catch, it might do wonders for your ego but some may find it offensive.  Please be respectful.
  3. Respect other boats, both in the tournament and those that aren’t. There is no spot on the ocean that is yours so respect others that may already be fishing. If you are fishing make allowances for others trying to work the same area.

Inlet Watch Marina:

Inlet Watch Marina has agreed to host the Tournament because of personal relationships the officers have with the Marina.  As such we ask that you patronize the Marina as much as possible.