2015 has been a very busy year. Filled with hectic work schedules, countless "extra curricular activities" and a myriad of mechanical issues with the Zig-Zag. As a result, there hasn't been as much diving in the first part of the year as we had hoped, and this site has gone rather stagnant. But...all that's about to change.

Together with Paradigm Custom Solutions, LLC, we're breathing new life into In the coming months, you will see several changes to the site, and we're pretty excited about it.

We're Getting a Face-lift

If you've been a visitor of ours for a while, you no doubt noticed our site got a pretty significant redesign about two years ago. This design was the first stage in a pretty significant overhaul, and the next stage is right around the corner. Keep checking back to see our new site design complete with more content and features.

Not Just For Random Videos Anymore

In addition to the regular dive videos we put out, we've decided to get a little more organized and add two new Video Series. Woodby's Wisdom & Birth Of a Killer.

These series videos may not necessarily have a rigid release schedule (time and weather still impact our ability to film), but all the video in a particular category will have a unifying theme. Woodby's Wisdom will feature short clips of our resident FishKiller - Greg Woodby - sharing tips and tricks that he's picked up over a lifetime of dives.

In Birth Of a Killer, Greg takes it one step further as he takes newly certified rookie diver Jason Buzzeo under his wing (fin?) and teaches him to hone his diving skills and become a true underwater hunter. It could be educational. It's bound to be entertaining.

Start a Conversation

Anyone who was around in the early years might remember when our site had a forum. It was a cool feature, but it didn't get the response we had hoped for and it created a much larger maintenance commitment than we were prepared for. Well...that was then.

The new site will bring back the idea of a public forum for people to share their ideas and advice, or to just talk about spearfishing or diving in general.

And That's Just the Beginning

There are several other ideas we're working on to bring you more underwater content. We can't share any of them just yet, but we'd love to know your thoughts and Ideas. If there's anything you would like to see added to the site make sure and let us know. And, if there are any budding writers out there who would be interested in putting an article together related to spearfishing or diving, contact us! If we like your work, we may decide to publish it, or even give you your own regular column.